Plug In, a concept made for a design contest for the new Project krantbuilding/extension of the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam (2013). The contest was open for alumni, employers, teachers and students.

Together with two other alumni Melina Pyykkonen and David van der Veldt (and myself) we registered a team of three and made a first draft of our concept; a building based on the idea of resilience. restructuring

In short, a building that can grow if the demand for space increases, but it can also shrink to a minimum if there isn’t need for space.


0070007Our proposal made it through to the final six designs, from which, in a later stage, one design was chosen to be realized. Together with architect Bart Theunissen (studio Kaart), who was matched with our team, we translated our rough concept into a ‘real’ design proposal.

Unfortunaly we didn’t win the finals, but still we came up with an interesting proposal.

Here the slideshow of our presentation: Final presentation Plugin


43 thoughts on “PlugIn”

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